[urq] Clutch or wastegate or what?

Louis-Alain RICHARD laraa at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 7 15:31:33 EST 2004

Hi Keith,
I am driving a stock 83 WX and I had to replace the clutch last year.
I was experiencing the same slippage you describe and it was indeed more
acute in 3rd and 4th gear. 
One easy way to test the clutch : just put it in second gear, floor it and
apply brakes all together while under boost. You will clearly know if it is
As for the reason of slippage, the only culprit I can see is the sleeve (016
141 181) on which rides the disk: was it replaced when you did it? The newer
one is made of steel, in replacement of the earlier plastic units.
83 Canadian WX
-----Message d'origine-----

Could it be a slipping clutch? - I think it is but can't think why it should
I can't see that it can be the clutch but everything points to it.
If it is why is it OK in first and second?
I am at a loss to identify the real problem here. Any suggestions gratefully
Thanks and Happy New Year to you all.
87 WR

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