[urq] Odometer gear

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Thu Jan 8 12:38:59 EST 2004

... there may be some difference between the laws in the US and Canada on
this ... anything that deals with odometers tends to be tightly controlled
here.  I know it is quite difficult to find the gears here south of the
border.  Notice I said difficult ... I too have found VDO dealers who are
willing to supply the gears.  

No matter what, by definition the plastic gear will break ... it is hard
plastic with a metal shaft friction fit in the center ... if a metal
replacement were available it should provide a permanent solution.  I say
should because there are two failure modes on the odometer, one is that the
drive gear breaks and slips on the shaft and the other is that the first
wheel in the counter (the tenth's wheel you don't see) slips on the shaft
and causes the odo to stop ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
> Had the exact same problem in 08/2002. I just wrote an email 
> to VDO-USA and
> asked them for an approved repair shop. They forwarded me to 
> a shop near
> Toronto that sold me the replacement gear for 25 $CAN, postal shipping
> included. Not cheap, but fair enough.
> The part number I got was REP850 and the invoice number was 
> IO22269, their
> sales order number was S23343, if they don't remember me...
> The Canadian shop is:
> Forster Instruments
> 7141 Edwards boulevard
> L5S 1Z2
> 905-795-0555
> 1-800-661-2994
> Mississauga, Ontario. 
> HTH,
> Louis-Alain
> 83 urQ with a fully functional speedo-odometer
> -----Message d'origine-----
> '83 Ur quattro Odometer pinion gear in Speedometer gear is 
> split - common
> failure for these VDOs and I've seen same on 4kq's, VW, etc.
> Before I have one (or more) fabricated, is there a 
> convenient, inexpensive
> source for the pinion dirve gear which drives the Odometer.  
> This is of
> course located in the speedometer.  It is the one driven by a 
> worm gear.  
> I could not use one from a 4kq or coupe as they were 
> different.  I located
> some gears in a hobbyshop, but not an exact fit - these are 
> drive gears for
> model trains.
> The Ur Quattro gear is 1/2" in diameter, 16 teeth, 7/64's 
> shaft diameter.
> I may have some made up in brass if anyone is interested.  I 
> can have them
> done for $40.   Less per copy if I get a batch of 10 or more made up.
> Speedo repair shop would have charged at least $80 - the cost 
> of kit and
> labor.  He informed me VDO would not distribute them directly 
> to a customer
> because they needed to be installed by certified Speedometer 
> repair shop.
> Poppycock!  What a racket!
> Dealer would only sell me the entire speedometer and said 
> pre-'85 were NLA.
> Ben

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