[urq] UPG-CO article in QQ

MICHAEL CUNNINGHAM mtsea at prodigy.net
Sat Jan 17 14:23:33 EST 2004

Just got my winter issue of QQ in and low-and-behold Brandon's article of the UPG-CO meet is in there. I though for sure this season's issue was going to be Urq-deficient seeing not much happened in the late autumn early winter months. Good job Brandon! The article was accompanied by a nice pic of the nine Urqs that showed. Glad to see this UPG thing is coming along and hopefully we can all get together somewhere and show off our cars and chew the fat in the near future.
Speaking of the near future, we (Gary Brown and myself) are in the process of getting UPG-04 together. We are looking for 35 Urqs to attend (possibly more) so keep your eye out on this list and your personal e-mail for updates as the spring approaches. Nothing set in stone yet but it sounds like another CT meet with Gary cooking again. There will be more towards the end of the month once Gary is back from work. Mike C

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