[urq] Strut Bearings (or Top Mounts for those in the UK) and Steering Rack Boot

Michael Hopton Michael at siliconoptix.com
Thu Jul 1 16:48:27 EDT 2004

Just did the two front strut bearings. The rubber part of the bearing
didn't look bad, but the round nut that screws on to the top of the shock
had backed off quite a bit, could this cause the play you could feel in the
strut? Fitted a new set of blues and new rotors, and replaced the left
hand drive shaft if this doesn't get rid of the brake shimmy I won't be
happy. Getting fed up with the neighbors asking why the wheels are off 
again....... Also forgot to put silicone round the rubber bearing is this
to help the rubber rotate? Should I drop them down from the top or just
have a(nother) beer :)

Noticed the steering rack boot is ripped. Bentley says it can be repaired
without removing. Any BTDT? 

Cheers, Mike

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