[urq]: West Side UPG: Park City : You voted, for September '04!

Paul Lethbridge paul.lethbridge at ansys.com
Fri Jul 2 03:05:45 EDT 2004

Dear listers, 

Well I had more preferences for September! 
So the West Side UPG will be on the weekend of September 11th. 
I'll send out more info. closer to the date of the event!

Kind regards,

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Dear listers, 

Quite a lot of response regarding the West Side UPG this week. Thanks!
To answer Steve's question I would be up for moving the event to late
Not having any childerbeasts I overlooked the back to school issues! So,
who would be in for late August (weekend of the 28th) and who would
prefer September (weekend of the 11th)? 

Kind regards,
'84 urq

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