[urq] 4000Q trans swap

Martin Pajak Martin at quattro.ca
Fri Jul 2 10:41:01 EDT 2004


>How do you ID the difference early vs late 4000Q trans
>and it appears the early is better as it has the same
>size flanges as the urq?

As far as transmissions go, the only difference between the '84 and older 4kq trannies is the closer ratios on higher gears.
The flanges are the same i.e. smaller... however it's easy to change them to the larger Ur-q/5kt sized units...

>What benefit will the 20020V trans offer?

Torsen center diff and nice gear ratio spacing.. also that unit has the 4:11 final drive same as 4kq.

>And I understand the WX trans will start to disintegrate
>at some high horsepower/torque application above 400HP, but I understood
>that these are quite strong and durable transmissions.

>The urq has a lower ratio, which would
>better for street driving.  

The 200q20v tranny has best of both worlds... 4:11 final drive and good ratios for comfortable highway cruising.

>4000Q transmissions are plentiful, and almost a direct bolt-in for the
>urq, so I understand that part of the equation, but I am resisting the
>at this stage until the WX trans starts to fail.

If you want a good cheap tranny, go with 5ktq...
The '83 Ur-q unit has horible 2nd to 3rd... this was fixed on '84 and up Ur-q... which is basically the same unit as the 5ktq.

If you have access to a 200q20v tranny, go for it... if not, I would go with 200q torsen (3.89:1 final drive).  Last, I would use the 5ktq open diff (3.89:1).  Last I would use the 4kq... the short gears get tiresome in a turbo car... 1st is over before you blink... useless..

Martin Pajak

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