[urq] a/c question

Bill Bennett ur.quattro at verizon.net
Fri Jul 2 23:14:04 EDT 2004

Gary that( the one reading 30 then 0) was low side pressure, there are two
guages used for A/C diagnosis what did the high side guage read? I don't
think your compressor is bad from the low side reading, sounds like low
system charge, or a blockage. but without seeing the high side pressure
reading, I am doing a little hip shooting here, what was the high side
pressure? Bill
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Hey guys...
I had my a/c system checked out...new expansion valve, new reciever drier,
new green o-rings and new gaskets and seals in the compressor. It held
vacuum for 30+ minutes. Charged it with R-12 replacement to correct
pressure. Turned on compressor. Fine, but no cold air. At anything above
idle the compressor cycles rapidly, and i could watch as one of the gauges
would go to 30, drop down to zero then back to 30 in tandem with the
cycling. A/C tech says compressor is bad. Is there something else to check
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