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Jack Walker jwalker at ivey.com
Fri Jul 9 20:08:45 EDT 2004

Has anyone that bought the RS2 Turbos from TJM gotten their studs?
Jack Walker
jwalker at ivey.com

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fwiw, I just a few weeks ago brought my RS2'd UrQ through CT emissions
(which suck!) and it passed EASILY!!! So I wouldnt worry about passing

auditude at cox.net wrote:

ssshhh... ;)
Okay, my latest news is that I got my RS2 turbo from the TJM group buy.
They said it would come with downpipe studs, but it didn't.  They said
it should have and they would send them out.  
Did anyone else that might have been on the group buy get the studs?
They made it sound like everyone was supposed to, but I imagined that no
one was except me because I specifically asked about it before
committing and got a confirmation.
My 3B long block is in the 4kq engine bay, but I haven't modified/fitted
my Wagner intake or cut out the stock airbox mounting tab on the inner
fender.  The RS2 EM is Jet-Hotted and mounted, but it has a K24 on it
right now.
I'm wondering if I shouldn't leave it stock until I get the car on the
road and smogged registered since I'm so far away, and then put the RS2
turbo on and get it mapped later, as the whole car isn't sorted and
hasn't been in years.
I'm probably gonna have to get a swamp cooler for the garage if I have
to work on it during the summer.  I haven't done jack on the project
lately, but I should dig into it mid-June after graduation and vacation.
(woo hoo! for both)
I gotta do something, as I'm down to one car with working a/c for the AZ
summer, and I may as well put the a/c effort into the 4kstq that's
already down instead of the Coupe GT without the turbo.
Back to lurk mode... =)
Bob D <bob at audisport.com> <mailto:bob at audisport.com>  wrote:
	Official count is 21 people on the list... most of them are
	Steve Eiche wrote:
		Yup, there are now at least three people on the list!
I believe that 
		Phil Ackley/Colin Cohen are also having a highly tweaked
AAN put in an 
		ur q.  They might be able to point you (Jack) in the
right direction 
		for some of what you are looking for.
		Bob D wrote:
			Yes, that is the address for submissions. I.e.
this note went to the 
			list :)
			Jack Walker wrote:
				Hi Bob,
				Is the address for submissions
3B at audisport.com 
				<mailto:3B at audisport.com>
<mailto:3B at audisport.com>  or is that just you? Sorry,

				*From:* 3B Conversion List
[mailto:3B at audisport.com] *On Behalf Of *Bob
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				*To:* 3B Conversion List
				*Subject:* Re: [3B]Subscription to list
				Hi there. It is showing you as already
subscribed as of March 25th.  
				There has been very little traffic since
then so you havent missed 
				anything :)  Feel free to post though,
thats what we're here 
				for...tons of good resources on there.
				Jack Walker wrote:
				Hello I would like to join your email
list, can I get information 
				to do that
				I am converting a 1983 URQ with a AAN
and I'm sure there would be 
				information on your listI could use
				Jack Walker
				Ivey Imaging
				5679 SE International Way
				Milwaukie, Oregon
				jwalker at ivey.com
				503)353-6521 direct line
				503)807-3807 celluar phone
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