[urq] Touareg V10 and the Porsche Cayenne

Jack Walker jwalker at ivey.com
Tue Jul 20 16:04:35 EDT 2004

Was at a Porsche track day last fall and was watching a Porsche Cayenne
just slay the boxsters and most of the other Porsches at Portland
International Raceway. Then I noticed there were 4 people in the damn
thing all with helmets on. The lines this driver took were insane,
deeper into the chicane and faster than anyone there, except some of the
really experienced turbo 911 guys. I was sitting at the brake points
along the south wall, up high. Really excellent driving.
Later on, I was asking, who was the driver of the Cayenne. The local
Porsche sales guys were like just kinda glassed over it wasn't an
owner's car. It was still theirs and Hurley Haywood was driving. They
were sure he was gonna kill someone, but trying to look really cool
about it. It was some of the coolest driving I've ever seen. That thing
was so flat in the chicane I couldn't believe it. It ROCKED!!!
Does the V10 Touareg come into the US? I haven't really been paying
attention to VW.
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