[urq] The 2,000,000 Kit Car

Robin Gilmour quattroguy83 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 26 11:33:27 EDT 2004

Dear Audifans:

I saw an add in ebay for a Devin Sports Racers offered
at a starting bid of 1.1 M dollars.  I thought it must
be something really special.

I contacted the guy and it turns out to be a kit car
from the 50's.  The guy is convinced that it is really

I have harassed the guy several times pointing out
similiar cars with real race hertiage for around 30K
to 75K.

He won't budge and is convinced his car is worth $2.0
million bucks.

Maybe if we all form a unified front we can raise the
selling price of all urq's for the betterment of


83 urq
83.5 urq
85 4000 racecar
97 A6
01 S4 

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