[urq] AM Cars group buy for fiberglass bumpers ?

AudiQtroCp at aol.com AudiQtroCp at aol.com
Sat Jul 31 21:35:08 EDT 2004

Is there any interest in putting together a group purchase for the rally 
bumpers that are shown on the bottom of this page:


I got a quote from them last week, of course the shipping was more than the 

They quoted:    195UK each for both the rear or the front bumper
                         25UK each for the front light kits
                        250UK to ship a front bumper with lights
                        400UK to ship front and rear bumper with the lights

Even if people dont necessarily want the bumpers, if there are other things 
we could group into the same order and save on the shipping, and send things 
out to everyone once its all in the US


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