[urq] valve adjustment kits ?

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Wed Jun 2 17:14:28 EDT 2004

Good telepathy!  I forgot to ask how important the two tools, VAG 
#ook-ook and
VAG #urq-urq ;) , are to making the job doable.  The red Bentley always 
has pictures
of all of these odd little toys but no clue to $$ or availability.  (or 
of TRUE need)

I was hoping the discs are fairly common to the 4/5 cyl designs.  I've 
rekeyed door
and ignitions by mixing+matching the new bits with the old, but in this 
case there are
zero extra discs on hand and judging from the ticky-ticky under the hood 
I'll be needing
lots of +0.05 several times over.



The mindreader Buchholz, Steven wrote:

>... I picked up a set on eBay a long time ago myself.  Fortunately the ury
>uses a fairly common disc ... the VW Rabbit and Audi Fox uses the same ones
>Your other suspicion also works ... measure the thicknesses of the disks you
>need to replace and determine the size you need.  Sometimes you'll be able
>to reuse a disc from one of the other valves.  I think a good many FLAPSs
>still carry them.  
>There are two tools to help with the process, one that depresses the bucket
>and another that reaches around the cam to pull out the shim ... here again,
>these tools are fairly readily available ...
>Steve B
>San Jose, CA (USA)
>>I'm pondering my first solid lifter work since my 70 GTO, the 4kQ
>>and 200s are hydro.  Is there an (inexpensive disk kit to have
>>on hand when doing WX valve adjustments, or do you check them
>>and then go buy the sizes you need ?

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