[urq] 3B installation procedure

Justin cbrooks22 at cox.net
Thu Jun 3 02:02:43 EDT 2004

 Have you seen the this intercooler mod?


Probably a bit extreme...(requires cutting the front body support...but probably could be done a bit cleaner to allow the bumper to mount like stock...)

This is probably a stupid thought, but oh well it won't be my first....

  Is there a way to cut a few inches off the 944T IC so that you can keep the
  A/C, and keep the alt on the passenger side, but still end up with an IC
  significantly larger than stock?  If you can cut off the end tank to modify,
  couldn't a skilled guy just as well cut off the end tank and then chop off a
  few inches of the actual IC?

  just thinking...

  I would like to have lower intake temps but am not ready to give up the idea
  of having A/C - even tho mine is not even working right now.....


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