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Although a repeat of information just supplied, I left the contect for continuity.

On one hand I wish I had this when I did the job, but my recall is, I had considered doing something similar as the diagram outlines, as there are less holes to drill.  However, I found the depressions and indentations in the door would not be as good as where I ended up making my holes, since the location of the new holes that the diagram indicates may have the holes drilled right where there is a hill instead of a vally or pleteau in the door.  Consider taking a few minute to relocate those mounts, since they screw out of the motor.

Double check everything you are doing before drilling, as there may be a better way.  I suppose there may have been some variation on the theme w/resp. to mounting location.  As I also recall the newer CGT regulator were far closer to the window support, and I really couldn't have used any of the original holes even if I wanted to.

Just analyze what you are doing and it will become intuitively obvious - get over any mental block about drilling holes.  Just be careful when drilling that the window is up (I supported mine with duct tape) and you don't accidently punch through to the outer door skin.


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  I just went through this (or very similar).  I even took some pics, but don't have digitized(yet).  I think I wrote down the dimensions, but as these things go, the exact facts and figure may be lost, but I think this will help...

  I took the regulator out of a '84 CGT.  While installing into the '83 UrQ I observed the new regulator was similar, but very different dimensions and the holes were different location AND the window lift support/slider was mounted in different location on the two cars.  Why they did this, I don't know, as the doors are physically the same diminsion AFAICT.

  I basically ended up drilling new holes for the CGT regulator, which is mounted so the window support piece fits in the same place the UrQ regulator did.  Now the holes for the motor mounting needed to be drilled at appropriate locations.

  You will note that the newer CGT regulator has 3 rubber mounts and 6? holes that can be used to screw them into.  You will need to move 2 of the mounts to different holes on the motor so that when new holes are drilled in the proper location, they will have the proper depth so all allow for flush mounting and clearance.  I had to flip one of the rubber mounts around because the bolt section was longer one side than the other.  I think I actually swapped the relative location of two of the mounts because the depth of the mounts was opposite.  I then had to use a combination of rubber&metal washers to further offset one of the mounts - this helped make each mount point offset to the proper depth in the door.

  Study carfully and measure before drilling each hole and just do one hole at a time.  As the above outlines, the relative position of the holes changes since the indentations/depressions in the door change with the new mounting position.  You will find the correct mounting posistion which may be somewhat of a compromise, but for me pretty much worked out so when I bolted in the window lift support, the holes could be drilled so there was a good flat spot available for each of the rubber mounts.

  Carefully and repetatively, I provisionally installed the regulator many times - trial fitment while drilling one hole at a time, using a black marker to locate best guestimate for drilling.  I pretty much got right on using a pilot bit to start each hole while feeling the bit was coming through at the exact location of the mount bolt.  It took about 7 provisional install & removes before having the three new holes drilled in exact location they needed to be.

  I rust proofed and installed the regulator permanantly.  It works great.

  I used 1/4 drill bit for the new holes.

  If you think the picture will help, LMK and I'll see if I can send it to you.  I will likely be doint this for the passenger door when that reg craps out, as the CGT regs. are way more available than the UrQ regs.  A new UrQ reg was around $450 at the dealer, so not a good option for me, when I can pick a good used reg up for under $75, if that.

  HTH and happy regulator hole relocation for updated installation!


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  I'm in the middle of replacing the drivers' side window regulator on my 83
  UrQ as the cable has snapped.  A few months ago I picked up a new/used
  regulator off ebay for a coupe pretty cheap.  I have the regulator in the
  door, but I need to drill some holes for the different location of the
  motor.  Is there any BTDT or maybe even a template that people have used to
  determine where to drill the new holes?


  Nathan Engelbert
  83 UrQ DA900453
  89 90q
  91 200q20v]

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