[urq] URQ preservation - against mice.

steven j michellepfeiffersx at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 5 18:02:39 EDT 2004

I had a bad experience with another audi where mice
took up residence in the bell housing and jamed the
pressure plate with nesting material.  Lost 90%
clamping pressure, $690 down the drain.  I know I'll
be taking my urq off the registration for winter so
I'm already getting nervous.  
Anybody fabricate anything to seal up the bell housing
holes?  I haven't looked at the bell housing but my
coupe GT had a large 'timing?' slot on the top and at
least one round hole on the side.  Mice also seemed to
have gotten into white box in the cowl rain tray - but
no harm done.  I hear they like to climb into the
intake and  use the air filter material but that seems
So any tips on mice protection would be appreciated. 
IF someone's fabricated something - I might be your
next customer.

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