[urq] Violent Misfire

SpotatAshleys spotatashleys at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 8 15:29:00 EDT 2004

A friend of mine without I-net access owns a very tidy 84 WR. The car had been off the road for 13 years when he bought it a year ago and he was told that the original owner (who had since died) parked it up because it had developed a terrible misfire shortly after having a new exhaust manifold fitted by a VAG dealer.

When he got it running it seemed very smooth, yet under load there was a bad misfire. After checking all the usual suspects the HT leads, cap and rotor were changed and all was well. This was about 150 miles ago. Then on a recent trip the car had been running fine and smooth for a couple of hours then stuttered violently and now has a serious misfire that will not clear.

The curios thing with this misfire is that at idle No.1 cylinder has no spark. As the throttle is opened  No1 starts sparking but No5 immediately loses it's spark. This happens even at the smallest throttle openings.

What on earth can be causing this? I suspect a timing sensor but which one and why? I only suspect this because most other things have been checked.

Has anyone else suffered this?

If not any ideas how to cure it?

I've suggested I could take the car off his hands for £100 and save him the worry but he didn't seem too keen!

Any thoughts welcomed.





'87 WR

p.s. post originally sent from wrong mailbox

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