[urq] Best way to remove insulation/sound deadening?

Jon Linkov jon at audiclubna.org
Sun Jun 13 18:06:22 EDT 2004

Started tearing the UrQ apart today, to make it ready for a cage, etc.

Besides the PITA carpet that runs under the dash in one piece (making
removal a b*tch!), I've run into the problem of getting the glued-down
insulation/sound deadening/carpet backing up from the sheet metal.

Any suggestions on BTDT, or just use Goo Gone or some other goo remover?

Oh, and I have many very good '83 interior bits available now in good/decent
condition: entire trunk lining, rear seats, all belts and hardware, rear
armrests/panels. Car had a brown interior. Seats to come later (driver
ripped, passenger ok).

Contact me if interested.


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