[urq]: West Side UPG: Park City, September '04!

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Tue Jun 15 22:21:49 EDT 2004

Are people who would go in August being quiet because they can't
fit the September date ?  I know we tossed Jul/Aug as hot for non-A/C
Nevada crossings and hanging around outside, but if late Aug brings
more attendance and doesn't hammer Paul's planning then maybe we
should consider it.

 > Where will you be driving from ?

Coming from Boulder, with the Denver herd.  In fact I otter lobby right
now for I70 then up to Price,UT instead of I80; more mountains and
bends on the way and maybe 1-2 hours more!  Kimball jct may be on
I80 but we won't be going there at 10A straight from Colorado...

Charlie, wishing I could take the urq Friday instead of the whale to CA, 

Buchholz, Steven wrote:

>... while it would be great to see Paul again ... along with the other
>brethren ... I've got to say that September is past my window for anything
>more than a day trip ... school starts in late August ... boy how time
>flies, school just ended last week!
>Steve B
>San Jose, CA (USA)

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