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Michael Hopton Michael at siliconoptix.com
Mon Jun 21 15:44:03 EDT 2004

As an ur-q virgin, many years ago I tried to remove the engine
through the top. I spent weeks removing all the ancilliaries,
inlet and exhaust manifolds etc. I then spent a weekend with
the engine separated from the transmission trying to pull it up
through the bonnet - it can't be done. You would have to 
remove the front clip.....

After spending 5 minutes dropping the subframe. 10 minutes later
the engine was out. 

I consider this one of life's great learning experiences, the
message being: Read the Bentley before starting!

Cheers, Mike

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... thanks for posting all this info Mike!

This past weekend I started getting serious about putting my car back on the
road ... which means I need to resolve what's going on inside the
bellhousing and I need to swap the head.  Originally I was planning to drop
the tranny to deal with the clutch, but since I've got engine work to do too
I was wondering if it might not be easier to pull the engine.  I'll need to
drain the coolant in either case, and the bellhousing will need to get
separated too ... leaving the tranny in place will save me the effort of
separating 3 drive flanges along with the risk of contamination.  I wanted
to pass my thoughts by the list ... especially for those who have BTDT ...
so any and all comments welcome ...

I noticed that you dropped the sub frame, but I'm thinking that it may not
be possible to get the engine alone out underneath ... so I'm planning to
hoist the engine out of the bay.  Even going that way I know how much easier
it was to access the bottom of the engine compartment with the bumper and
lower fascia removed, so I will probably start with that.  Next would come
draining coolant and oil.  I would like to be able to remove the engine in
as much a unit as possible, meaning the only interfaces would be the flange
at the back end of the downpipe, throttle body inlet, turbo compressor side
inlet and outlet coolant lines, heater lines, electrics to starter and
alternator as well as the ground braid.  I'm not sure whether I'd prefer to
leave the oil cooler in place to minimize the risk of damaging the lines or
to leave the thing attached to the engine.  I'm thinking it would be best to
simply remove all fuel injection components and the radiator, and disconnect
all the wiring at the engine end.  I would like to leave the power steering
stuff intact, but I suppose it isn't a big deal to pull it ... any
suggestions there?  I wonder if I'll be able to get the engine to clear the
transaxle with the core support in place?  The one picture that made me
think was the one showing the downpipe going under the right propshaft ...
perhaps I'll need to figure a way to rotate the engine in the bay before

While the engine is out I was thinking about what other things to do to the
engine ... the clutch itself is almost brand new, but I'm thinking about
pulling the flywheel so I can do the RMS ... and I'll probably replace the
pilot bearing again.  I'll be installing the head that was originally on the
car when I bought it ... it has been freshened up in preparation for the
reinstallation.  I suppose I can install that adjustable cam drive pulley,
and I'm thinking of installing the alloy oil pan/windage tray now.  It was
going to go on the new engine I'll build (one of these days) ... but it
seems like I should start getting some use out of it now.  I don't know if
there's anything more I can or should do to the engine.

I'll appreciate hearing feedback from any of you who notice anything that
I've missed, or have specific recommendations on some of the questions I've
asked ... downpipe attached or not?  power steering system attached or not?
oil cooler attached or not?  lift or drop engine?  any other "while your
there" thoughts?

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
> Here is a dotphoto link to the photos of my engine removal 
> from my urq this weekend.  Looks like I won't be driving that car for a
> Notice there are a few pictures of Keith replacing his timing 
> belt on his S6.  I finished my job before he finished his.

Mike Sylvester
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