[urq] O2 sensor frozen

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Mon Jun 21 19:16:37 EDT 2004

... BTDT ... at least pretty close to that point anyway ... 

I was able to get penetrating oil in to get things started ... I don't know
if the penetrating oil I used was any more effective than what you've got
... it is called Sili-Kroil ... and it was recommended to me by someone many
years ago ... so far it has never let me down!

It seems to me that you would want to exhaust every option before resorting
to pulling the down pipe ... although I suppose that removing a down pipe
isn't "that" bad ... if I were in your shoes I'd probably pull the airbox
(bottom part) out to give the maximum amount of room to work.  To be honest,
I can't figure out how the aux rad makes that much difference one way or
another ... but I have been known to pull the left headlamp to be able to
access the area.  Be careful using a split socket ... you'll be applying so
much torque you might well damage it.  My recommendation would be to hack
the top part of the OXS off so that you can get a standard socket on the
thing ... preferably a 6-point socket. If the socket wasn't able to bite the
base ... I'd probably continue with a vise-grip.  I hadn't thought about it
much before, but you might also be able to saw a groove in whatever remains
of the OXS into the threads ... being extremely careful not to damage the
threads on the down pipe.   

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
> Hello All, my 02 sensor is more than a little stuck.
> I've taken it to 2 shops who have heated it with no
> luck. My aux. radiator has been bypassed so I can
> reach it very easily by removing that hose{Along with
> from the top of the bay}. I've tried soaking it in
> Liquid Wrench no luck. And I have the split socket to
> fit the sensor. Any ideas beyond removing the
> manifold. Its an 84 urq. Thanks Todd

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