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sounds like someone has their head up their ass! and it is not Dennis, it is Audi! imagine a A-3 with a 1.8 T and AWD, make that a 2.7 biturbo (though that motor has issuses)(oil leaks) GAWD, what is wrong with Audi development? shit who is gonna by a V 10 Le Mans car? 50 people? how many would by a AWD 2.7 biturbo A-3? 5,000? Audi AG has their head up their butt. Bill
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  Well the formula still works!
  Build a powerful (and tunable) all wheel drive fun car for a good price and they will come. In droves!!
  The modern version of our beloved URQs even when built in the orient garners "Readers Choice Best Car of 2004!"
  Support us! It is a viable, marketable, sellable, POPULAR platform/market! 

  Sorry for screaming. Soapbox mode off.
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