[urq] 81 UrQ in need of turbo replacement

Martin Pajak Martin at quattro.ca
Wed Mar 3 07:03:02 EST 2004


Not bad at all... had to do that on my WR way back when the turbo started blowing oil.

If your car is stock I would recomment taking off the alternator, intercooler and all it's plumbing, oil cooler, CIS distributor...
This way you'll have nice access to the item...

Downpipe will have to be moved back and for that you have to undo the wastegate corrigated pipe.  Other than that not much else to it..

I can send you some pics of my swap if you wish.

Martin Pajak

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From: JagerBond at aol.com
Date:  Wed, 3 Mar 2004 02:02:58 EST

>Hey list,
>I've never had the pleasure of replacing an Audi turbo before, and welcome 
>any BTDT and or tips.  How big of a project is it?
>Mike Bond
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