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John Koenig johnkoenig at greennet.net
Wed Mar 3 13:52:57 EST 2004

The current Audi A3 is built on the VW/Audi A4 platform (Golf, GTI, Jetta, etc.), so the 1.8T is a transverse arrangement, and a 2.7TT would be a real stretch.  Maybe a 2.7TT in the back seat?  Or maybe the 3.2 VR6 from the TT?

> sounds like someone has their head up their ass! and it is not Dennis, > it is Audi! imagine a A-3 with a 1.8 T and AWD, make that a 2.7 biturbo > (though that motor has issuses)(oil leaks) GAWD, what is wrong with Audi > development? shit who is gonna by a V 10 Le Mans car? 50 people? how > many would by a AWD 2.7 biturbo A-3? 5,000? Audi AG has their head up > their butt. Bill

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>   Well the formula still works!
>   Build a powerful (and tunable) all wheel drive fun car for a good > price and they will come. In droves!!
>   The modern version of our beloved URQs even when built in the orient > garners "Readers Choice Best Car of 2004!"
>   Support us! It is a viable, marketable, sellable, POPULAR > platform/market! 
>   Dennis

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