[urq] Re: 81 UrQ in need of turbo replacement

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Wed Mar 3 15:17:22 EST 2004

Removing the head is creating more work than is necessary for this job.  See
Martin's previous post.  As for TEC in Golden, mixed reviews from some of us
here in Colorado.....


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> Mike - replaced the turbo on a 5000cs a ('86). It's pretty straightforward
> on that car. You'll have to remove the head, timing belt etc. I'd never
> that much work on a vehicle before, and it took me three weekends. One to
> take it all apart, the second to scavenge junkyards (the manifold was
> cracked and I needed some other parts) and the third to put it all back
> together again.
> I screwed up on tightening the bolts that hold the tin on the timing belt
> (didn't know that they could leak tons of oil if not tightened correctly,
> thanks list!), but everything seems fine now. The turbo I got from a place
> in Golden, Colorado that specializes in turbos, it cost $700 new. I can
> their info for you if you want.
> Of course, this job was done on a 5000, not a UrQ.
> Good luck!
> Tom
> 1986 5000csqa
> 1989 100q
> on 3/3/04 1:02 AM, JagerBond at aol.com at JagerBond at aol.com wrote:
> > Hey list,
> > I've never had the pleasure of replacing an Audi turbo before, and
> > any BTDT and or tips.  How big of a project is it?
> >
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