[urq] shaking at 60

Jim Miller jimmiller at insightbb.com
Thu Mar 4 20:43:32 EST 2004

I know this subject has been covered many times so, please go easy on me! My
'83, with 89k, has recently developed a front wheel shake at 60mph. Over
70mph and it goes away. I've had the tires re-balanced twice (and checked
the balancing machine with my own two eyes I might add) the 215/45ZR17 BFG
tires are mounted on 17" OZ's. I know the wheels are true.

So, I keep going back to this thread from 1997.

Amen to Andrew Finney-- definately check the outer tie rod ends for
play.  Also, don't rule out the rack-- here's how to check it:  turn the
wheel all the way to the left to move the tie rod carrier bracket far
enough over to grab.  Stick your arm either under the master
cylinder/brake booster or between the ps resevoir and ignition coil and
grab the bracket.  Try to ROTATE the bracket in both directions.  if it
rotates AT ALL, the rack is shot.  Unfortunately, the rack is round on a
4000 w/ ps, and increasing the tension of the rack against the pinion
(requires adding a shim behind the spring loaded tensioner... I used a
nickel!) will not help eliminate this sort of play.  (On a 5000, the
rack is square in cross section, and is pressed against the pinion by a
spring loaded notched cylinder-- increasing the spring tension sometimes
helps stop the rack from rotating within the housing.  Can't be done w/
the 4000 rack-- I JUST tried it on an '84 4000sq here and no dice.)  If
the rack can rotate within the housing, then the toe in will vary
unpredictably in response to cornering, acceleration, deceleration, you
name it.  Even with new control arm bushings, ball joints, tie rods,
brake rotors, wheel bearings, the whole sheebang, you'll never get rid
of the shimmy if the rack rotates.

Well, I tried grabbing the bracket and it DOES rotate a little in both
directions. Any advice would be appreciated!!!

'83 GOBI-1 

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