[urq] Gobi beige urq FS @ local garage

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Mon Mar 8 15:35:12 EST 2004

... of course it is somewhat a self-fulfilling prophecy ... where else
*should* you be able to find folks who are willing to pay what an urq is
truly worth?  Certainly comments like the ones made here aren't going to do
anyone's resale value one whit of good.  I'm sure that few if any of the
folks on this list would say that my car is worth $7500 either ... but you
know what?  If someone stepped up to me on the street and offered me $7500
for it I would turn them down ... 

I don't see the logic in making a decision upon whether or not you drive a
car based upon its value either.  If everyone had that mindset there'd be no
such thing as historic racing.  When one steps back and looks at the big
picture, the urq would be lucky to achieve a state where the well maintained
examples sell for $25K ... which means that a significant percentage of the
other cars on the road is as valuable or more ... 

Steve B
San Jose, Kaleefohnia (USA)
> > Hopefully somebody will rescue it.  Maybe nobody has 
> because the mechanic
> > thinks it's worth $7500?  Granted I know nothing of the 
> car...but $7500 for
> > one that has been sitting outside for a couple years??  It 
> > better be in damn
> > good mechanical shape.....
> Seconded!
> I desparately hope someone rescues it, but I don't consider 
> $7500 cars as "rescue" or "project cars".
> Many animal breeds/species have "rescue" funds and locations. 
> We should probably start an "URQ Rescue Society". Seriously.
> Then again it's like dollars- the more there are the less 
> yours is worth. Sort of. But alas, I don't want mine to be 
> worth large sums of money, I want to be able to _drive_ and enjoy it.

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