[urq] Gobi beige urq FS @ local garage

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Mon Mar 8 16:53:10 EST 2004

Don't get me wrong...I'm with you.  Heck I can honestly say I probably
wouldn't hand over the keys for $30,000 after what I've been through.  On
the other hand I know of local cars that have sat on lots for years because
the owner wants $10,000 for a car that needs work and has been sitting
out-and it's only deteriorating more as time marches on.  Knowing what it
takes to get one of these sorted out, as Ingo so rightly pointed out, means
the purchase price needs to take this into account.  And that goes both
ways..were I looking to buy another, which I ain't, I would certainly pay
handsomely for a well sorted car....

Just my .02


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> You and me both.  Even though my car needs some work, I'd get rid of the
> the 200, any/all of my Stereo equipment before I'd let my urq go.  Of
> course, if someone offered me over $10k  I MIGHT consider it.  Having a
> "sorted" out car makes a world of difference, so that means more than a
> $$ to me.
> Ingo
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> > anyone's resale value one whit of good.  I'm sure that few if any of the
> > folks on this list would say that my car is worth $7500 either ... but
> > know what?  If someone stepped up to me on the street and offered me
> > for it I would turn them down ...
> >
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