[urq] Bad turbo not so bad - head gasket/timing

JagerBond at aol.com JagerBond at aol.com
Tue Mar 9 14:50:29 EST 2004


>reached up and was able to turn the turbo as easily as it was brand new with
>very little end shaft play???   Is it possible that something obstructed the
>turbo from spinning, and is now free?

BTDT on my '85... the turbo had stopped spinning, don't know if it was due to 
some piece of carbon from the chanber or other junk due to head removal, 
however there was a definite restriction... this was during the German trip... 
however after 20 min drive it freed up and started to work again, it worked 
perfectly untill while later when it blew out an oil seal on the exhaust side due 
to exhaust restriction....

To my knowledge this was the problem ever since I owned.   I chased around 
some other issues and concluded that to be the problem.   Sinced I've owned I've 
put probably 2,000 miles on and never felt the turbo work.  
>  I
>still have to pull the head and fix the head gasket, whats the deal with the
>timing? can I slip the old belt off and back on and just replace the head

If you turn the motor to TDC pulling the belt off without loosening the water 
pump is possible, BTDT and works quite well, as long as you have everything 
aligned and the new head gasket is not way different from the old one.

This my sound stupid but... How will I know that the motor is TDC

> Is the K24 water cooled upgrade worth while?   What will I need to make
>the upgade?

Water lines, oil lines with oil filter housing, turbo.  I think that covers 
it.  Oh yeah, your oil cooler won't connect to the new single filter housing, 
custom connector is needed.

>  I know that on my 83 there was a plug on the side of the block
>that allowed for a coolant hook up, how does that press in or connect? 

Frost plug?? the water hose clamps onto it.

How does it stick in the block?

Thanks as always for your help

Mike Bond

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