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David duandcc_forums at cox.net
Wed Mar 10 13:50:23 EST 2004

Why not use the 4kq gauges? and jsut mount them in the glove box? That way you won't have to change senders? You can get the triple gauge package used for very little money...

87.5 CGT
SE Virginia
From: "Louis-Alain Richard" <laraa at sympatico.ca>
Date: 2004/03/10 Wed PM 01:26:05 EST
To: <quattro at audifans.com>,  <urq at audifans.com>
Subject: Small electric gauge needed

Hi all,

I want to add some gauges to my urQ (voltage, engine temp, oil temp or
pressure, air-fuel ratio) but I don't want to change the interior look. My
idea is to install some very small LED gauges in the glove box (just for
tuning/safety purposes). In fact, I am looking at an arrangement like the
console unit found in a 4kq. 

Is there an aftermarket source for these? 
Racing, Marine or Aviation maybe?
Maybe there is such a panel from another car that would be easily pulled
from a junkyard? A mid-80s Japanese sports car?
Maybe I can built one myself and use the actual sensors for temp and oil

Thanks in advance,

83 urQ

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