[urq] RE : Small electric gauge needed

Thatcher Hubbard thatcher.hubbard at mso.umt.edu
Wed Mar 10 18:39:20 EST 2004

   Well, not to nitpick, but the big fender flares are a dead giveaway 
too :)

On Mar 10, 2004, at 4:16 PM, Louis-Alain Richard wrote:

> Thanks all,
> It may sounds foolish, but I don't want to remove the actual diff lock
> panel... because I bought this car just for it!
> Let me explain. This is the only visual statement (with the boost 
> gauge) of
> the uniqueness of this car. Remove it, replace the boost gauge with a 
> temp
> gauge and this is now a Coupe, not a Quattro anymore.
> BTW, the diff lock lights are functional only since this winter, I 
> don't
> want to get rid of this "light show" when a newcomer asks: What is 
> this? :-)
> So back to my original question: is there a small bar graph LED meter 
> that
> you know of, in the style of the one in the 4kq, that comes from 
> another
> car?
> I guess the answer is no so I may end doing a home built panel that 
> will use
> the signal from the actual OEM temperature and oil pressure sensors.
> But this is electronic circuitry work. More to follow.
> During my search, I found these guys:
> http://www.omorimeter.com/products.htm).
> They have some interesting products: smaller 1 3/4" electrical gauges, 
> and
> dual gauges. For the "tuners" among us, they offer an EGT (exhaust gas
> temperature) combined with a boost gauge. Or a 80 mm double gauge
> http://www.omorimeter.com/80mm_twin_meter.htm for oil and water temps, 
> etc.
> Anybody has heard of these?
> Thanks anyway,
> Louis-Alain Richard
> 83 urQ
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> De : Huw Powell [mailto:audi at humanspeakers.com]
>> I want to add some gauges to my urQ (voltage, engine temp, oil temp or
>> pressure, air-fuel ratio) but I don't want to change the interior 
>> look.
> What about moving the diff. lock switches and installing the coupe gt
> three gauge panel?  They come in two styles, matching/fitting the
> earlier and later style dashboards/center consoles.
> The stock setup was voltage, oil temp & oil pressure, though I'm sure
> people by now have found boost gauges that blend in well enough to look
> right, if you'd rather have one of them.
> It's usually not too hard to get the whole rig used, but you can also
> get both panels fairly inexpensively ($10-15 each?) from your friendly
> Audi dealer.
> -- 
> Huw Powell
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