[urq] K&N filters bad?

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Fri Mar 12 11:17:56 EST 2004

I don't know if you'll find much data on this, as these types of tests would be performed by the folks trying to prove their products are superior.

I can provide you a datapoint.  I recently encountered a K&N in a 5000 turbo quattro.  It is incredible the amount of crap I found down stream of the air filter.  I had to disassemble everything down to the turbo and flush all the oil coated crud out.  This would not have been the case with a stock filter.  If you consider sandblasting the impeller on the turbocharger as the hot tip, then go ahead and use the K&N.


[I have been informed that K&N filters are bad for my car. I would like to see 
the data on this before I install this filter in my car. I will stay with 
factory filters if the data indicates that K&N filters could allow damage. I had 
never heard any of this before. If anyone could point me to any technical data 
or past discussions where this is indicated, I will be open to learning about 
it. If this is true that it causes damage to our Audis, then K&N needs to be 
upfront about it, or at least hear from those whose cars have been damaged. 
Anyone else have input on K&N? Thanks Greg
1989 200TQ]

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