[urq] Speaker dilemma

Bill Bennett ur.quattro at verizon.net
Mon Mar 15 00:13:14 EST 2004

Skip the car stereo, and enjoy the sound your car makes instead, if you still need music instead of your car's music, head phones Bob, with ports for your passengers and extra head sets for them and a MP-3 player plugged into the formally known as cigarette lighter, now known as "power outlet" I listen to music in my other car, I listen to my URQ when I drive her. Bill
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  Subject: [urq] Speaker dilemma

  Im have a dilemma.  I want to put a nice stereo in the UrQ but the tiny 
  dash speakers are a total waste of time and space. I wanted to put some 
  6" Rounds in the doors but my door panels look like they just came from 
  the factory. I really dont want to cut holes in them.  They are the dark 
  blue too, which I cant get replacements for (every audi d player pluggedealer Ive tried 
  said they never came in dark blue) *sigh*



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