[urq] Re: speaker dilemma

RndLiteBMW at aol.com RndLiteBMW at aol.com
Mon Mar 15 15:40:17 EST 2004

I fit a set of nice Alpine 4's under the stock dash grilles without too much trouble. I still only have the stock deck, but the response is much better, and they have a lot of headroom for more power. I put a set of the same in the rear shelf, using the Alpine grilles, with no modifications. I realize 4's don't have fantastic bass response, but they're vastly better than the paper cone stock junk, and I prefer listening to the car most of the time anyway :)


Tucker Fritch
'83 UrQ
'86 4kcsq
'82 Vanagon
'68 2002
'02 WagRX

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