[urq] intercooler hose

Ingo D. Rautenberg ingo at waratap.com
Tue Mar 16 12:03:23 EST 2004


I wrote this up last August.  Hope it helps.


... recently had my lower IC hose (turbo to IC) develop a tear at the inside
bend from the hose to the turbo (of course it was at the track, but that's
another story).  I tried finding one from Bill Bennett's numbers, but could
not do so.

However, I too, was lucky enough to peruse the vast inventory of a local
auto parts place (had about 5x the amount of hoses as your local AutoZone)
and found one that was just about perfect, and like Bill's, had the coiled
spring inside (remove).  This hose is Goodyear #62072 and needs to be cut
probably about 4" -- however I cut too much and ended up cutting the
too-short hose and joining the pieces together with a 2" piece of exhaust
pipe fitting (from AutoZone) and a few hose clamps, making sure to file any
rough edges before using.

All is well in turbo land again.  Actually, it's even better than before,
which tells me I had a slight rip before it really became noticeable.  The
hose I replaced was approx. two years old, btw and I'm running 15 lbs boost
on stock WX motor.  There was only a trace of oil in the hose, btw.  The new
hose ran ~$22 including tax (~$30 for me with the pipe and extra clamps).



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