[urq] UrQ's Head gasket progress

Martin Pajak Martin at quattro.ca
Wed Mar 17 07:10:13 EST 2004

>From what I remember it's clockwise...
Yes, this could be your other power related problem.
If you look carefully at the dizzy, there is a line on the hall wheel (large drum under the rotor) and there is a line on the top surface of outer rim of the body.  They are the line up marks (shown in Bentley) for TDC.
Once you have everything lined up it should be purring like a Lion.

Hope this helps.
Martin Pajak

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From: JagerBond at aol.com
Date:  Wed, 17 Mar 2004 02:23:23 EST

>Making some good progress on the 81 UrQ towards getting the head off.   
>Intake is now off, and once I get some deep metric sockets the exhaust will soon 
>follow.   Being a Colorado car everything seems to come off a little bit harder, 
>but then again I've got cold beer, a big hammer and sawzall.   
>What I noticed -- none of the timing marks lined up!   Not the distributor 
>rotor and corresponding mark, not cam wheel dimple and valve cover gasket and 
>not the "O" on the flywheel.   I couldn't get 2 of the 3 to line up???   OK the 
>10 million dollar question, which way does the motor spin?   Standing at the 
>front and looking at the engine it would appear that the engine spins 
>clockwise.   If thats the case it would be my guess that the ignition is detonating 
>before TDC as the dimple in the cam is one notch counter-clockwise from its mark 
>when the distributor rotor is lined up with its mark...   Even so the flywheel 
>mark is no where to be seen.   FWIW it also appears that someone put a white 
>mark on the flywheel where the "O" is???   I checked through the old paper 
>work and sure enough the timing belt and water pump where changed 7k ago.   
>- Could this be a reason for the headgasket failure?
>- Is this the reason this car never seemed to have power?
>Anyways I'm having a great time with tools.
>Mike Bond
>2002 A4 1.8T
>2 UrQ's getting the love
>4KCS not getting the love
>2001 GMC Yukon 30k with a piston slap.
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