[urq] Speaker dilemma

Steve Marinello smarinello at charter.net
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Now, I admit I can be somewhat...annoying to my wife and children in the S6
or the urq, in that I prefer to concentrate on driving and don't want any of
the wife;'s preferred music/noise (country or Disney) or the kids (pop rot,,
or the other two)  as a distraction, BUT...when alone in the car,
particularly the urq, when the drive is a drive and the engine is on song
loud enough, there are certain great classic rock road songs and, of course,
wonderful classical pieces that enhance the drive and make the smile even
bigger.  Of course, if traffic rears its ugly head, the music gets turned
down or off.  It's just  more fun/right to be serious about driving in the

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> > .. I prefer to listen to my URQ when we go for a drive, like you Wolff.
> Porsche once defined a sports car as "a vehicle in which it is pointless
to fit a radio".
> I listen to my car for quite different reasons - it's a useful reminder to
be in the right
> gear, and to catch any little problems before they become big problems.
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