[urq] Speaker dilemma

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Worse than that Ben! You will vote democrat in the next election thang.
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  Gawd, I hope this is not what is starting to happen to me - sort of after my daughter was born.  I remember how a nice stereo used to be of utmost important feature in a car, and the cars function was to carry my keyboards to a gig.

  Now I find myself forgetting to turn on the stereo, while listening to the engine rev. unless my daughter interrupts to ask for her favorite song - "Roundabout" by Yes. 


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  You can fit 3 2+1/4" guages in that opening, BTDT, Bill PS SHEET! the only station I listen to when I am driving my URQ is NPR,OPB(Oregon Public Broadcasting) yeah public broadcasting, yeah the highpoint is a Saturday drive when Michael Feldman comes on with What do You Know, what the hell ! I am a fifty year old fart. and like OPB, and like the sounds my bitch makes, I do not need other music when driving the black one, I can play music at home when I am on my hairy white butt in front of my 'putor thangy, I prefer to listen to my URQ when we go for a drive, like you Wolff. 
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