[urq] urq seat covers

SpotatAshleys spotatashleys at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 20 15:49:09 EST 2004

A quattro owning friend of mine without access to the net is looking for either a good drivers seat (I know - these exist only in brochures and urban myths) or some of the correct dark brown fabric to have the seat repaired in his 1984 urq. The trim code is "BY" which is dark brown cloth fabric on the side squabs and back, a tweedy type fabric in the centre panels with a 5cm or so, leather strip running down the centre of the seat (back and base).
If anyone knows where to obtain the right fabric, that would be great. If you have a seat in top condition I'll put him in touch with you and he'll be endebted to me for life!
I have explained that what he's after is rarer than a French miltary victory so he doesn't hold out much hope but then the List has come up trumps before......
Here's hoping

Many thanks


'87 WR

p.s. Today I replaced the rear subframe bushes with solid ally ones from Dialynx. What a difference.Wonderful. And it is possible to do the job without having to lower the diff or disconnect the driveshafts and prop. 

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