[urq] UPG 2004..May 22nd

Michael Hopton Michael at siliconoptix.com
Sat Mar 20 20:32:02 EST 2004

I spoke with 'er indoors tonight and I have a provisional green light :)

So I am hoping Martin, Lino and Craig are interested in attending from 
Toronto, so we can convoy down and get lost on the way back ;)

Cheers, Mike

'85 ur-q sorta' with collapsed engine side mount :(

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From:	Gary Brown [mailto:gmbchef at comcast.net]
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Subject:	[urq] UPG 2004..May 22nd 
This is the date! Not sure, but still may have to change it. 
Doesn't look like we'll have the turnout as last year as I haven't gotten as many responses as I had this time last year. But...there will be new faces so it may work out. 

 The location will be the same, $20 again payable please by the 12th of May, so I can provision,prepare and acquire rentals. 
Later on I will post the adress again so everyone can get directions. There is a motel nearby for those that need it, as some of you already know!

  And yes, my urq will be there this year!

See you there

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