[urq] intake air temperatures

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Mon Mar 22 12:43:09 EST 2004

Bill and all-
 Don't you have Aqua Mist or something?  Shouldn't that lower intake temps?

I'm not monitoring my intale temps...but I'm sure they're too high.
Ignorance is bliss......

But, that said, I still often think about ducting fresh air into the airbox,
and applying some heat reflective tape to intake parts, such as the pressure
pipe on my 3B, that it could benefit.

Also, my front valence is damaged, but totally useable so I will soon be
cutting a third hole in front of the IC to increase airflow on the IC.  I
can't believe that won't help. It seems all the latest hot rod turbo cars
(Evo, etc) have big IC's that are really exposed to fresh air.  IMO, with
the WX IC, ducting becomes crucial, something Audi improved on the later
cars with a little shield above the IC and a little rubber thingy (tech
term) on the outside in between the IC and valence, kepping air from going
around.  These things just have to lower intake temps. I believe the urq was
the first turbo Audi to use an IC, so now we know much more that they did
back then - to keep the original setup is leaving performance on the table,
so to speak....

Because you have a temp sensor, maybe you could do some of these
improvements and documemt intake temp changes.

Do it for the team!


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any one checking them besides me? the temperatures my bitch gets, horrible
would be a good word after one acceleration event to 90 mph,(160 inlet temp)
or prolonged idling I am gonna slide a heat shield between the turbo and the
intake air box tommorrow to see if a simple heat sheild will help as my
"suction hood" gets hotter than hell when driving. Bill
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