[urq] Door Speakers

Charles Baer charlie at dcsi.com
Mon Mar 15 13:07:56 EST 2004

I was thinking along the lines of what Frank suggests, put some good 
mid-highs in the dash
and supplement them with bass mounted in the kick panels or somewhere 
else besides the
doors.  The lower frequencies aren't as imaging-sensitive as mid-highs 
so you can get a good
stereo effect w/o door mounts.

I for one enjoy the I5t sound, but also wouldn't want to be defenseless 
against the fatigue
factor that comes on my 16 hour drives.


fdekat wrote:

>Well, BIll does ahve a good point. But then, he *always* has a 'good'
>opinion..  :-)
>You can get better dash speakers, that can be made to fit. But they still
>won't have much bass. So you'd still be looking at cutting the doors.
>You could use some FWD coupe door panels. No harm in cutting up them!
>I've also seen a sort of speaker 'cabinet' that replaced the door bin.
>However, the commercial ones i've seen  were custom designed for some Golf or
>Jetta door.
>GOod luck!
>-Frank de Kat-

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