[urq] Colors

ChrisWeb at aol.com ChrisWeb at aol.com
Wed Mar 24 19:35:31 EST 2004

Guys, I agree with all of you.  The UR looks good in all colors.  I have had 
a 041Black UR for almost two decades and prefer the black and darker colors 
over the Alpine White and lighter hues.  Besides, if all is well, the color 
really does not matter. It is the on boost sound that does me in.  

Stereo?  Been there and now that I can't hear that good I care a lot less 
about the stereo.  I like blues and Motown so some decent 3 1/2 inch two ways up 
front, a pair of 6 1/2s in the rear and  a subwoofer and I am happy.  So, do 
not spend a lot.  Spend it on noise making.

I am curious....how many Ur owners out there are running two piece factory 
exhaust manifolds as replacements?   I know how much banging and grinding is 
needed to make it work.  Is it worth it?

Al Keene
83  X2, both were built in August 82

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