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I was emailing with Gary B earlier this week and mentioned a man named Karl
Baehre, who is the retired Service Manager for Prestige Porsche Audi here in
CO.  He was very involved with the urq when it was first to be imported
here.  Dennis and I visited him at his home a year or so ago and saw pics of
the first car (Mars Red BTW) imported to the US (testing).  The pics showed
the car in his driveway, which was the same house he still livers in.  The
car was clearly an ealry example as it ahd a completely different IM, the TB
was on the back rather than the front.  That dealer has long been involved
in testing, as I've seen a couple A3's running around the vicinity (several
years ago) and several other computer-laden test vehicles.  They take the
cars up to Squaw Pass and other mountain areas for altitiude testing.  Karl
was instrumental in post production development in that he helped diagnose,
among other things, engine fires that were not uncommon here when cars would
ascend long climbs under boost, an injector would pop out, fuel would spray,
ignite om EM....

Anyway my point is we have an _extremely_ knowledgeable person here in
Denver that I would like to involve in some of our stuff.....

Of course if Phil were to fly over and it coincided with an event , that
would be excellent too.

'84 ur

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> I don't know about anyone else on the list, but Phil Payne's knowledge
> the urq assembly teams was very informative. Phil, do you have any other
> interresting tidbits on the assembly of our beloved cars? After reading
the two
> items you mentioned about team A&B, I ran out to the garage to check my
car (Team
> A). There must be a few original "Team" members around who could give us
> insight into the assembly of our vehicles. It would be nice to get one of
> them to show up at the UPG meet this May.
> Mike Desi
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