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Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Fri Mar 26 11:44:23 EST 2004

Well here in the State ISTR reading article that said the Chevy YES CHEVY
Blazer or some similar vehicle was supposed to have an I-5 as one of the
options.  Go figure.

That said I think that I see where Audi is coming from WRT dropping the I-5.
My thoughts:  It seems they are committing themselves to front-to-back
mounted engines, Golf-based models not included, (unlike Volvo who run
transverse motors, allowing longer block configurations), and the I-5 seems
awfully long for hanging off the front axle.  The 4 cylinder and
V-configurations are shorter and allow more room for radiator a packaging
etc.  Also the shorter motors surely help the weight distribution as Audi
_tries_ to compete with BMW in the handling dept.

I love the I-5 as much as the next guy, for sure, but just thought I'd share
my thoughts (I'm sure I'm leaving out some caveats and rationale etc, but oh


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> Hi all
> Well, never seen so many posts regarding Audi
> future, and you all have a point, but regarding our
> beloved 5 cyl motor, now considered one of the most
> successful Audi ever made, and one that made Audi,
> nothing was mentioned.
> The other week, I visited Geneva Motor Show, where
> to my astonishment, found that Audi completely
> stopped using 5 cyl motor thought entire range, but
> included 6.o litre / 12 cyl / 450 HP - A8q model.
> There is 4, 6, 8 and 12 cyl configuration, but 5 is
> out for good it seems.
> I somewhat naively expected them to further refine 5
> L motor to induce it into something that would
> reassemble never surpassed Urq, but found exactly
> opposite, no more flagship motor news.
> Five L configuration has being continued by many who
> learned from Audi experience, yet dropped by Audi??
> So 5 L still lives with Volvo, Alfa, Fiat, Lancia,
> Chrysler, Land Rover, and guess who, Volkswagen.
> All the motors are very nice, mainly DITD setup.
> Alfa produced 1.9 JTD with whole 150 lovely diesel
> horses in it. Other motors produce 170-175 HP from
> mainly 2.4-2.5 litres. Austrian Chrysler plugged in
> a 2.7 TD motor into Jeep Grand Cher. with
> unremarkable 163 HP, while on the bottom of the pile
> with 5 cyl motor that needs no mentioning, belongs
> to Land Rover.
> Volvo need a special mention, because they are doing
> diesel and petrol versions of 5 cyl motor. One
> closely reassembles our 20V, where 2.0 litre turbo
> motor is producing lovely 220 horses, mated to V 50
> TS, while the other is barking out whole 300 horses,
> from 2.5 litre motor that lives in V 70 R AWD, which
> doesn't look bad at all, from any angle.
> Now a total surprise that I found on VW stand was
> the most sophisticated 5 cyl one could ever wish
> for. All alloy, double cam, direct injection, turbo
> D motor, with hydro mechanical VVT, and finally, the
> gear camshaft actuation, producing very conservative
> 174 HP @ 3500 revs., mated to 6 speed box and of
> course AWD and adjustable air suspension, that lives
> in Touareg body. Other than Touareg, this motor is
> only used in Multivan Highline thing, and no other
> bodies at all.
> Don't know what the others think, but drop the most
> sophisticated motor like this in favour of VW whole
> two model range, is very stupid and its going to
> reflect badly on Audi in the long run.
> For god sake, just another hole in the head, and one
> could have direct injection petrol motor with very
> little other changes, easily produce 250 HP and more
> in uncharged version, let apart super or turbo
> charging this jewel, but that's me dreaming. Mind
> you, it would be interesting to see a really
> sophisticated first diesel sports car with AWD and
> air suspension and all. No more bend valves, or need
> to change belts and chains at all, ever. Engine
> always as sharp, and with something like 200 or
> thereabout horses @ 3500 revs and 450 Nm @ 2000
> revs, could get one to many places very fast indeed.
> One thing I am sure though, my old Urq means to me
> much more than before visiting this motor show, and
> learning of Audi's grave mistake. I know now, that
> Urq and I are going to be close friends for long
> time to come, after which an RS2 might even become a
> collectors item.
> What you think boys and girls, regarding loss of
> Famous Five.
> Regards,
> Ado
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