[urq] 81 WR UrQ Head gasket removal

JagerBond at aol.com JagerBond at aol.com
Fri Mar 26 23:19:47 EST 2004

With luck I was able to finally pull the head off the the 81 Wr Urq.   
Seemingly did not look too bad?   I kind of expected to see more evidence for a 
leaky head gasket, hence the antifreeze in the oil.   Maybe the experts see more 
than I...   Pictures below.    

Any suggestions for me at this point?   From what I hear the WR cam is good 
to keep, the head overall looks pretty good, only minor cracks between the 
valves.   The timing belt was replaced about 7k ago, what should I replace at this 
point?   Thanks in advance.


Mike Bond
4 Q's 

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