[urq] No parking brake has led to recommendation to G60conversion.

Mike Sylvester msylvester at verizon.net
Sun Mar 28 10:48:29 EST 2004


When I upgraded to G60 fronts and  200q20v vented rear, I did use stainless
braided lines but kept the stock master cylinder.
My pedal felt fine.  I have since upgraded to Porsche 993 calipers and the
pedal still feels great.

I bought my G60s new (not rebuilt) from The Parts Connection.  They were
cheap.  I think they were $87 each, on special.  The carriers I bought from
Chris Semple at force 5 for $50/pair.
The rears came off a 200q20v that I parted out, so I don't know what you
will pay for those.

Mike Sylvester

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> Do G60 calipers have a parking brake? Maybe they mean G60 in front and
> brakes from a 200 or V8 in the rear? If so, you will need new parking
> cables. Also, be aware that with the larger caliper bore area, your pedal
> travel will increase noticeably with the stock master cylinder. With
> brake lines this may make your pedal feel quite mushy. Additionally, with
> the fixed proportioning valve in the Q and different calipers, it is
> possible to get the wrong brake bias front to rear with results ranging
> a subtle loss of braking power to a condition that could promote a spin.
> I hope your shop is aware of these things and has taken them into account.
> Overall, the strategy is good for saving cost (but not weight) over urq
> parts. I did the complete conversion with used and new parts for around
> with my own labor. The cheapest parts were in fact the G60 calipers with
> carriers which were free, but I got a backup set from a junkyard for $20
> each. The correct front rotors for this setup are standard 5000 rotors
> shouldn't be much more than $50 each. The expensive parts will be in the
> rear.
> HTH,
> Wolff
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> > I took just acquired urq project car to a quattro shop.  The parking
> doesn't work because the mechanisms at the rear calipers are frozen.  I
> checked ETKA and saw a lot of NLA for many parts.  Shop is thinking urq
> calipers will be to costly.  The left front brake was dragging and the
> was warm after a 20 mile drive.   So the shop is recommending a G60
> conversion for all 4 wheels as a cheap way out.  About $900.  This would
> for new calipers, rotors pads and labor plus having working emergency
> I'll try to get my old F&R calipers returned - as who knows maybe someday
> they can be rebuilt.
> >
> > Sound good? steve
> >
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