[urq] UrQ G-60 Front, S4/S6/V8 Rear Brake Conversion

CARDCONSYS at aol.com CARDCONSYS at aol.com
Mon Mar 29 11:31:51 EST 2004

     Wolff, here is a post on this subject I sent in a  month or so ago:

     To do this conversion you will need the following:
     Use S4/S6 G60 Caliper/Bracket Assembly which will fit exactly on the 
existing UrQ strut mounting holes.
     You cannot use either the standard UrQ disc(437-615-301A) or the S4/S6 
     Use disc from 100/200/5000 Quattro PN 447-615-301A/B. There is an 
equivalent Ate Power disc you might prefer(from Z motors) PN 24.0325-0102.1(525102).
     For pads suggest Hawk HPS compound pad  number HB270.
     Use the complete S4/S6/V8 setup, calipers and discs. You will also need 
to change to the pair of handbrake cables used on the 1984 and later 4000 
     Disc PN 857-615-601.
     Suggested Hawk HPS Pad  HB271.
     Handbrake Cables Left 857-609-721D, Right 857-609-721E.

     Suggest you discard the S4 intermediate hydraulic hose support bracket 
on the front caliper(it can interfere with the strut), and replace with a 
suitable SS protected Teflon line directly from the caliper to the body connection. 
You could use the standard S4 hydraulic hose at the rear but it is better to 
replace it with SS protected Teflon.

     Martin Dapot
     83 UrQ

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