[urq] parking brake noise

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Mon Mar 29 17:28:58 EST 2004

... you didn't describe the noise ... but I do know that if you allow too
much slack in the e-brake cable it will contact the propshaft ... 

Steve B
San José, Kaleefohnia (USA)
> I had to remove drivers side parking brake as it was
> froze in the caliper bracket. Then heard a noise from
> other caliper and disconnected parking brake from
> caliper at the caliper. So no parking brake on drivers
> side and the one on the passenger side is disconnected
> at the caliper. Trial run and started hearing
> vibration noise at the handbrake. Turned around and
> came home. Any ideas Thanks Todd

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