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Maybe somebody can shed some light on something for me. WHY was the Urq $35,000? The 4000q has basically the same drivetrain other than the turbo engine, right? Was the turbo engine really worth a $28,000 premium? I mean both are typ85 cars with quattro. It's not like the body was that much more expensive to make, they made the CGT which is essentially the same body without flares for less than the price of a 4000q. Seriosuly, somebody educate me.


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Hmm.  By my calculations an '84 Urq for 35k would be the equivalent of
90-120k today...which makes the LeMans a worthy successor.  I'll take one,
please ;-)

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> Folks
> I heard on the grapevine today that they are going to build the Le Mans,
Nuvolari inc a smaller one as well, Pikes Peak. A4 coupe may not happen at
all, current A4 will have a new nose, rear end and interior like the A8/new
A6 next year. The A3 5 door is going to be called sportback and will be here
in the uk by september, TT will probably cease production inside the next 2
years and not be replaced, also a slip of the tongue mentioned an A5.
unfortunately they are not going re make the urq!!!
> Iain

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