[urq] Finally got my urq home - but starter HEAT soak problem.

steven j michellepfeiffersx at yahoo.com
Sat May 1 17:51:15 EDT 2004

1983 USA #D497

Post ebay purchase - it was in the shop having things
sorted out. Car was a blast to drive up rt95 - and
idles nicely thank GOD because after I pulled in the
driveway I gave it the final test. Turned the key and
nothing (except he seat belt buzzer). Earlier it would
restart nicely - before I got on the open road. Car
has new starter, new wire to starter and new ignition
switch. I'll see if it starts later or tommorrow. 1983
USA #D497. Any idea what is up? I'd been on the list
years ago and remember some folks having this problem. Steve

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